Justine Cox

Finance Manager

“I enjoy how every day is different. Whether it’s working with clients, managing the firm’s financial and business aspects, or addressing individual project issues, I’m proud to support the work of our outstanding team.”

As Finance Manager, Justine maintains strategic oversight of the firm’s financial and business operations, and office management. She has been a member of the Q+ team for six years, and has played an active role in marketing the firm and in developing and maintaining client relations. Most recently, she has helped usher in a new financial and management software system to support new procedures around billing, budgeting, and other processes.

A new and first-time mother, Justine is finding ways to balance work and home, but is thrilled with the challenges in both environments. Being a mom brings a whole other dimension to the word “responsible” she says, while helping to support new and veteran talent at work keeps her energy high. “New and capable people means new thinking,” she says, “which complements the way we work. Certainly, our clients are satisfied.”

A former tennis scholarship recipient and a Vancouver native, Justine holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in accounting and finance, and a minor in psychology from the University of South Carolina.