Spencer Hutchinson


“What makes architecture satisfying is having the opportunity to take something that exists only as an idea in someone’s mind, and through the process of design to be able to transform that into a physical reality that can be seen, touched, inhabited, and experienced.”
— Spencer Hutchinson

Spencer is currently on the project team for the new $50 million USC Football Operations Facility, a project he first worked on while a Q+ summer intern in 2015. The more than 100,000-square-foot facility will house football offices, meeting rooms, a weight room, training room, and a locker and equipment room. Physical therapy and nutrition areas will allow players to prepare physically and mentally.

While completing his master’s in architecture at Clemson University, Hutchinson assisted teaching in the undergraduate program, an endeavor that strengthened his own knowledge about the field. “Architectural education is a really valuable way of learning how to think, be creative and solve problems,” he says.

“These facilities will allow student athletes to perform at the highest level,” says Hutchinson, who also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Clemson.

A native of Columbia, Hutchinson finds working with such a well-respected firm in his hometown an opportunity he would not be able to find anywhere else.

“It’s rewarding for me to be part of this city’s growth,” he says, “and to know I’m contributing to making the city I grew up in a better place to live.”

Spencer recently became a registered architect.