How to Design a Financial Advisor Office

By Andrew Gluck, - Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Architect Doug Quackenbush designed an office for Abacus Planning Group of Columbia, South Carolina, that is functional as well as uplifting. See the space and hear his tips for how advisors can design spaces to fit their business. Financial advisor Cheryl Holland mentioned to me last week that her office space has turned into a marketing tool.

When I questioned her, Holland explained that she purchased an office and enagaged an architect to design spaces that woud lift clients and inspire employees. 

Holland didn't just hire any architect, she hired Quackenbush Architects + Planning--a firm owned by her husband.

Abacus is a successful plannng firm, with $600 million under management and 20 employees.

For advisors, Abacus's office serves as a model of how you can design your firm to enhance your how client's and prospects perceive you and how you can make your workplace beautiful as well as functional for employees.

Rooms for client meetings are not traditional. No whiteboards or computers clutter spaces where a financial advisors might hope to engage a client in a discussion about what's really important in her life.  Instead meeting rooms are more cozy.

Employees all are exposed to daylight, which Quackenbush says aids productivity. Furniture is deisgned to promote collaboration and teamwork.

The art, wall colors, and accessories create a pleasant, open atmosphere that can even be seen in the video tour by Quackebush.

If you have an office space that was deisgned for your firm to help promote business and idea exchange, please let me know and I'll give you a call to find out more.

And let us know what you think about the Abacus's office design.

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