Animal Shelter Addition & Renovation

The City of Columbia & Richland County

Completion Date

Project Budget
$1.1 Million

The $1.1 million expansion of the City of Columbia’s animal shelter facility was developed in partnership with Richland County, serving both city and county residents from a single location. The new 8,000 square foot shelter building located off Shop Road doubles the size of the existing facility’s feline holding area, and houses over 60 new dog kennels along two enclosed, heated, and ventilated corridors. Each kennel is connected to covered and screened outdoor dog runs, accommodating the physical activity needs of the animals. The design features a "barn-like" vernacular, with lap siding, trim, and a two-tiered sloped metal roof. Open end bays and clerestories allow natural ventilation and light through the dog runs.

All Images ©Gary Matson Photo