The Citadel Stevens Barracks Renovation Study

The Citadel

Completion Date

Project Budget

Stevens Barracks at the heart of the Citadel campus was originally constructed in 1942 and has been refurbished and renovated several times during its 78 years of operation. It requires a complete renovation to include the removal and replacement of wood framed construction, the replacement of building infrastructure to include a new sprinkler system, electrical system and HVAC systems. Due to the magnitude of renovation necessary and the lack of housing swing space (460 beds), it was decided to build a new barracks and renovate/repurpose the current structure. Anticipated uses include student leadership meeting space, faculty office, the relocated Citadel Museum, and other student-centered functions within the renovated portion of the project. A new addition, inserted into the current quadrangle space, will accommodate regimental band and the leadership reaction course. The roof of the addition will include roof decks for outdoor activities and a green roof.

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