Lower Richland & Spring Hill: Master Planning

Richland County

Completion Date

Project Budget

This master planning effort, coordinated by the Richland County Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP), focuses on two areas of Richland County: the southeast portion known as Lower Richland and the Spring Hill community in the northwest.

Working with the design team, Land Design Landscape Architects and Richland County staff, multiple workshops were held to establish comprehensive land use analysis, determine potential transit and connectivity opportunities, and pinpoint areas suitable most for growth and economic development. Investigations were completed testing a diversity of neighborhood densities to identify an appropriate density target. The design team facilitated interactive community meetings with residents from each focus to solicit feedback and brainstorm new ideas.

Renderings, diagrams and sketches were generated to illustrate conceptual development strategies in targeted areas. The design team and stakeholders recognized a number of notable areas and historic assets to be celebrated in the area, including the Congaree National Park and the Historic Village of Hopkins. The final Strategic Community Master Plan outlines recommendations for future growth, encouraging development in the most suitable locations while cherishing and protecting the rural character which makes these places unique.