MTC Precision Machining

Midlands Technical College

Completion Date

Project Budget
$4.1 Million

Following a significant transformation in curriculum and focus for the former "Tool and Die" program, this new Precision Machining facility on the Beltline campus of Midlands Technical College makes a significant statement about the College's commitment to recreating a high-tech professional shop environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Along with the Student Services Addition constructed concurrently, this shop/classroom building plan creates an edge to a new student centered courtyard on the northern boundary of the campus, thereby transforming that often neglected "back door" face of campus. The building is organized into two interlocking masses, one housing the shop and shop support spaces, and the other classrooms and admin support. The shop is designed to offer flexibility of use and equipment arrangements, and is bathed in natural light provided by clerestory windows located above, freeing up valuable wall space for equipment.

Represents experience of Doug Quackenbush, Principal-in-Charge and Barb Haller, Project Architect, while at The Boudreaux Group.
All Images ©Rion Rizzo - Creative Sources Photography

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