R2 Ridge View High School Addition and Renovation

Richland School District Two

Completion Date

Project Budget
$10 Million

Significant renovations and additions to Ridge View High School address strategic facility upgrades and expanded program needs. The larger of the two additions includes 24,000 square feet of new teaching and student activity space, including state of the art teaching labs to support the highly successful Institute for Health Sciences magnet programs. A second addition to the front of the school expands the Cafeteria dining hall. The renovations include significant improvements to the entry rotunda, creating a new lobby and help desk and improving safety and security at the school. Renovations also include upgrading and repurposing of teaching and administration spaces, as well as a complete roof replacement for the entire building. The exterior additions thoughtfully address the existing context in material, scale, and character while balancing a more contemporary design approach with respect to fenestration, daylighting, and detailing.

All Images ©Gary Matson Photo